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Health Engineering Design or HED, as we prefer to call ourselves, is a company that co-creates, designs, and executes projects in health based on the needs of doctors, patients, and caregivers in an affordable and fast way. We identify and solve needs in specific contexts in health through engineering and design tools to generate coherent and high-impact solutions.  


HED was born in 2020 from the motivation of a group of people from different disciplines and interests passionate about contributing and improving the world of health in a holistic way. For us it was always a great dream to be able to create and contribute in medicine, but we believed that this project would come into our lives later. However, at the end of our postgraduate studies, we evidenced a great gap in the Colombian market when it comes to applying all the knowledge and tools learned in innovation and creation of solutions for medicine. At first, this situation was a bit frustrating and discouraging, we cannot deny it, but it was the starting point to launch ourselves into the world of entrepreneurship and build an ideal space to explore and create our own methodology that today is the essence of what we do.

Our team is made up of designers, biomedical engineers, a mechanical engineer, and an economist. The fusion of our skills and knowledge allow us to offer high-quality services.


- Co-creation of projects: here we form a team with health professionals. During our process, HED takes care to validate rigorously the needs of our customers and/or users share with us, then generate solutions together to generate a real impact on the quality of life of patients, as professionals health and caregivers.


- 3D printing: our team of printers, Prudencia, Praga, and Renata help us to materialize models for planning surgical procedures, educational and training material in medicine, molds, and instruments in dentistry and are a crucial part in the manufacture of validation prototypes for projects of different natures.


We love to share a bit of our history with you. We are HED! We humanize engineering by designing conscious medical well-being.







Electronic and Biomedical Engineer with a Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Universidad de Los Andes.  My goal is to use engineering along with other disciplines to solve problems that lead to solutions that improve people’s life. 


“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek”.

— Barack Obama

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Designer and Biomedical Engineer, with a Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Universidad de Los Andes. My main interest is to develop methodologies and practical tools that promote human well-being by applying positive design knowledge. For me, it is very important to maintain a balance between the human and emotional aspects, with the scientific and technical components of each project that is performed. I think design is a very powerful discipline that allows us to integrate different knowledge and take advantage of the best, to generate coherent solutions, with added value and greater impact.

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Industrial designer specialized in design project management. My passion is towards all innovation and product design, from the ideation of an idea to the materialization of the concept. My leadership allows for a strong sense of teamwork and complements the ability to link design and commercial demand. I think in way so I can break paradigms and that leads me to develop innovative solutions thus challenging the status quo and finding new solutions. My ambition motivates me personally and professionally to improve design in the world. 


“It is not the quality of the sketch, it is the quality of the idea”

- Gianni Versace

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Mechanical Engineer from Universidad de Los Andes with over 30 years of work experience in various industries and regions of the world. My passion for medical device development was born when I received the National Award for Orthopedic Research for work on knee reconstruction along with an Orthopedic resident. Three years ago I returned to Colombia and to the Biomedical Engineering department of the Universidad de Los Andes, to create a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in undergraduate students and to promote the transfer of university projects to society. At HED, working with this multidisciplinary team of professionals, I will become involved in the design of solutions and devices, and in the development of businesses that help solve health problems in our society.




Economist from Universidad Javeriana and an MBA from Universidad de Los Andes. During my career, I have worked as a consultant in production, logistics, and innovation projects as well as a couple of digital ventures. I always look for cohesion between a disruptive and scalable business model through a judicious reading of market trends. Anticipating changes in the world is one of my skills. I firmly believe that business must become the best companies in the world, not the best companies in the world. That purpose is the requirement for any successful team and sustainable organization.

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