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Titan is a myoelectric * transradial ** prosthesis with customizable functionality. It is a product designed from the problems that patients with transradial amputation present and the difficulties of acquiring a prosthesis in Colombia. The purpose of Titan is to provide the patient with a tool that meets their needs, having a direct positive impact on their life.

To achieve this, we started by understanding the patients and in this observation process, we met Andrés. Andrés is a 23-year-old young man who lost part of his right arm in an accident when he was 9 years old. Today, after using two mechanical prostheses with limited hook system functionality, he continues to present the same problems in his daily life. This phenomenon is common within the prosthesis options that currently exist, they present varieties of functionalities but few really allow the patient to carry out those specific activities that represent a change in their life. This change could be holding a broom, being able to open the door of your house, grabbing a potato to be able to peel it, or that activity that seems simple but that for the patient means an improvement in their quality of life. Andrés is our inspiration in building a product that is functional, attractive, and especially meets your needs, which makes it have a positive impact on your life.


Titan has an adaptive functionality feature. This means that it can be configured to the specific case of any patient. Additionally, it is a low-cost prosthesis, which makes it suitable for entering the Colombian health system. Titan is currently undergoing in-context optimization and validation processes. Soon we will continue to tell you about the progress of this project.

proceso titan.png

* Myoelectric: system controlled by the electrical signals of the muscles.

** transradial: forearm amputation

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